Classic American Light



first i rehydrated the yeast Coopers/Mr beer yeast (fromunda the lid)



this is a condensed version of this process( i forgot to take a lot of photos)

next i started boiling water, put water in the lbk, after everything is mixed i put in lbk and since temp was below 70, i pitched my rehydrated yeast.

the OG of this batch is 1.040 at 68 degrees F.


then i waited 5 minutes to start aeration


and that is it easy peasy. by all


American Premium Lager

Brewed American Premium Lager on 4/28/11

Step 1. boil water and add booster

Step 2. Remove from heat and add HME West Coast Pale Ale.

Step 3. Stir until well mixed (previous photo)

Step 4. Put hops (Centennial Pellet hops) in to sack and place in to wort.

Step 5. remove hop sac and pour wort into LBK. put hop sac into fermenter

take a sample for hydomer

not a good photo sorry reading was 1.035

Step 6. mix well and pitch yeast.

Step 7. wait 5 minutes and then areate wort.

 Step 8. Put LBK in mini fridge at 55 degrees F for 28 days

here some more photos

refilled bottles

thats it for this time

Bottled MB Dark Strong Ale (winter seasonal)

11pm finished bottling dark strong ale at this time

Brewed Mr Beer Winter Seasonal last night

last night about 8:30 pm(2030 hours), i brewed the Mr Winter seasonal Dark Strong Ale.

this is step 1.

step 2

sanitized everything that will touch the wort.

step 3: boil the water , warm the hme and put cold water in fermenter up to the 4.

step 4: when water is boiled, i turned off the stove and stirred hme into water to make wort. and poured into fermenter.

step 5. mix wort throughly. wait until temp is below 60 degrees F.

step 6. pour yeast in (American Ale Liquid Yeast from wyeast) then allowed to sit for 5 minutes then then stirred vigorously.

step 7. into the igloo for fermentation with an ice bottle to keep temp between 60 and 72 degrees F.

yes this pic was taken on the morning of the 18th (not the night of brewing). this brew will be in the fermenter for at least 2 weeks.

Bottled Linebacker Doppel Bock w/Creamy Brown

at 3pm i bottled linebacker doppel bock. 1 litter PET bottles from Mr Beer. it didnt take long, about 45 minutes. Using bottle wand and bottle priming. it is now conditioning. thats all.

Gravity check

made a gravity check of Linebacker Doppel Bock w/Creamy Brown
at 10 pm this evening, it was brewed on 1/30/11.

the gravity was 1.012 at 64 degress F, no correction factor.

thats it

Brewed Mr Beer Spring Seasonal

At 3 pm I brewed the Maibock German-Style Lager, its their spring 2011 seasonal.


the first step is sanitizing

next step:

it is then mixed with water that is already boiled and mixed untill it is no longer a syrupy..then into the fermentor

then when temp is right pitch the yeast.

wait for 5 minutes and stir to arerate the wort. then on to lagering

now wait 25 days, then bring up to 60 degrees F for 3 days then bottle.

thats it for today

Bottled batch #2

I bottled batch #2 tonight. Thats American Gold Premium (MR Beer). Took about 45 minutes. It will go into cold storage on evening of Feb 24, 2011, it’ll be ready to drink after March 17, 2011. That’s it for now