last night about 8:30 pm(2030 hours), i brewed the Mr Winter seasonal Dark Strong Ale.

this is step 1.

step 2

sanitized everything that will touch the wort.

step 3: boil the water , warm the hme and put cold water in fermenter up to the 4.

step 4: when water is boiled, i turned off the stove and stirred hme into water to make wort. and poured into fermenter.

step 5. mix wort throughly. wait until temp is below 60 degrees F.

step 6. pour yeast in (American Ale Liquid Yeast from wyeast) then allowed to sit for 5 minutes then then stirred vigorously.

step 7. into the igloo for fermentation with an ice bottle to keep temp between 60 and 72 degrees F.

yes this pic was taken on the morning of the 18th (not the night of brewing). this brew will be in the fermenter for at least 2 weeks.