Brewed American Premium Lager on 4/28/11

Step 1. boil water and add booster

Step 2. Remove from heat and add HME West Coast Pale Ale.

Step 3. Stir until well mixed (previous photo)

Step 4. Put hops (Centennial Pellet hops) in to sack and place in to wort.

Step 5. remove hop sac and pour wort into LBK. put hop sac into fermenter

take a sample for hydomer

not a good photo sorry reading was 1.035

Step 6. mix well and pitch yeast.

Step 7. wait 5 minutes and then areate wort.

 Step 8. Put LBK in mini fridge at 55 degrees F for 28 days

here some more photos

refilled bottles

thats it for this time